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The Princess Warrior’s New battle! The art of Letting Go and Letting God.
-Ella May L. Catapang-

A Princess Warriors love is like an ocean-deep and unfathomable. When she loves she gives her all, leaving nothing for herself. When the love of her life suddenly breaks her heart, she will be caught off guard and worst her armor will disintegrate… leaving her alone, vulnerable, with wounds that hurt her to the core. The princess warrior will now be like a broken soldier with no weapon and no strength to continue the fight… But remember, That is how We are being made – to become Princess Warriors with a resilient and healthy heart! So Co-warriors, below are effective strategies to help you defeat and deal with our so called heartache war:
1. Pray. No matter how painful, no matter how hard and desperate your situation is, always pray. It is our primary weapon that should always be with us. I repeat Always pray, it will always work. Believe and have faith.
2. Cry. When you feel like crying, cry. Don’t hold it all in. Let your tears flow. Crying does not change your situation but it improves your emotional well being. It is healthy. It humbles you and it teaches you the value of your tears.
3. Ask for Help and support. This does not mean that you are weak. It just means that you are strong enough to know that you have had enough. Seek help from your family, friends or even from the professionals. In times of need, you need a listening ear and an assurance that everything will work out for the best. Build a strong support system that will listen and will lend their time for you when you are feeling emotionally down and drained. And please Choose them wisely.
4. Revitalize your Focus. Help yourself. Accept that not everyone has a happy ending. Your relationship ended for a reason. Focus on the why’s instead of the what ifs. Focus on improvements and outputs. Start a new chapter of your life. Start new memories and hobbies. Don’t delude yourself with distractions, instead get to know yourself more. Most often after being hurt, we become a different person. Its your choice if its for the better or worst. So again, choose wisely.
5. Acceptance of reality. Do not regret the love that you have given. Let the past be remembered but do not go through it again. Love should not be forgotten but remembered – meaning Always remember the lessons that it has taught you. So the next time, you will be ready and wiser and most of all better in handling your future relationships.
6. Think positively. See positivity in the ending no matter how hard it is. Always try. Never allow yourself to wallow in loneliness and despair. Your life is not over yet. Get back stronger!
7. Forgive. First Forgive yourself then Forgive the person who have hurt you the most. Forgive yourself for surrendering and taking off your armor. And Forgive that person who have broken your heart into a million pieces. This is the hardest thing to do and it takes time and a lot of discipline, open mindedness and patience to do so. Forgiveness in return will give you a peace of mind and a clear heart. Forgiveness allows you to move on without baggages from your previous relationship. So my warrior princesses, learn the art of it.
Take little big baby steps to repair your armor. Trust that by letting go, God has a better plan for you. The process will not be easy but the result will be worth the pain. Keep in mind that as a warrior, we have lots of war to fight for, to win for and sometimes be defeated for. Recharged, do some of the tactics above and do not forget to obey him. Because sometimes Loving is also Letting go and Letting God. Godspeed!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.
-Jeremiah 29:11-

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