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No boyfriend since birth. Yes, and I am 27. It is not that no one ever courted me or has shown interest in me. I guess I am a believer of this thing called “my first shall be my last”. I only have one standard, my non negotiable, and that is a man of faith. No more, no less. I believe that God has ordained someone (like Boaz) for me, the kind of person that I have been praying for, a godly man that will lead me and our relationship towards Christ, the one that will honor and love and cherish me, someone who is…

But my picture of him shattered into pieces when I learned that the marriage of the two pastors I know was marred by infidelity. The husband cheated. Yes, he did. I cried to the idea that all this time, I was just waiting for nothing. That even a man of faith is still human and is vulnerable. It will make no difference if I will get married to a man of this world, not to a man of faith. I often told myself that maybe, I have met that person meant for me but because I am waiting for my Boaz, I missed the opportunity. I almost lost all my hope that Boaz is real, and I should stop waiting for him.

But God is a God of restoration. Right now, He is fixing their marriage and the husband restored his faith to God. God is not just mending their relationship but He is also recalibrating my heart. He wants me not to give up on Boaz. He desired me to hope and to continue praying because Boaz is real and so is He. He only wants the best for us and He will never fail even if situations will. God honors our heart’s desires and it will come to pass. Just like Ruth who remained loyal in the process, met Boaz, an equally hardworking and noble man. Enjoy the season of actively waiting Ruth! Keep the faith.^^

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