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He came to your life, and your whole world turned upside-down.
Literally, an upside-down feeling.
He made you feel that special affection.
He let you feel that you are worthy of that love.
He reserved you.
Yes, he reserved you.
He reserved you because that time, he is so sure about you–about the both of you.
You are happy.
You are so overwhelmed about those sweet words and promises.
You let it happened.
You let the unclear and unstated strings between you existed.
Those sweet words, the plans, and the promises were too deep.
It seems true.
It is like happening.
Days, weeks, and months passed by.
Something is changing.
You are bothered.
The realizations came.
After he reserved you, he is now ready to let you go.
How rude it was.
How unfair and painful it was.
It is like pressing your heart so hard.
It is bending.
He left you there with those plans and promises.
How rude.
How unfair.
Yet, you’re not broken, you are just bent.
You’re not destroyed, you are just hard pressed.
It was rude, yet it was good.
That was an eye-opener for you.
It is for you to see your worth.
You must not see your worth like that.
You are far more than just a string-attached connection.
You are worthy of genuine affection.
For now, let it hurt, let everything you feel goes.
It will pass away soonest.
It will.

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