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Do you ever wake up feeling like you have been missing something your whole life?

Well I do, I miss you.

I had a dream last night about how we ended up in a place where I was asking you why over and over again

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It’s the stuff I could not talk to you about because we barely even talk

I was angry, scared, and anxious all at the same time

But above all of that, how I looked at you and how big of Love I feel for you stays the same


I woke up about seven in the morning: Tired, drained, sad, and helpless

And all I did was think about how my life would turn out to be when one day I will be with you again

Is it true that love is sweeter the second time around?

I hope so.


I never knew how sad I was for losing you until today

They say that time will pass that all of these things I feel will fade away

But never did they say when or how

For as weeks, days, and months have passed

It just gets sadder and sadder

Lonelier and lonelier

It’s never the same without you, I’m never the same without you


Every single day I look at our old photos to gaze upon the beauty that you possess

How your smile was embedded into the deep portions of my heart and soul

How your wisdom molded you to become who you are now

And how passionate you are in achieving and pursuing your goals.


Who am I to you? What have I gotten myself into? Am I really that someone who is willing to do anything to have a person like you?

Does all of this things I do now may somehow lead us back together again?

Will the pain, anxiety, psychological ups and downs be the key to what we really want to be or will be?

Will all of these things be enough to satisfy ourselves to the path we want to grow into?


In every single moment of now is pain

Every single day passed is a single step away from what we have dreamed

As time passes by and life goes on, the little hope I have left is draining to nothing

Will it be really worth the grind, the hustle, the pressure, the pain, the suffering?

All for the sake of us to start again

To be with you once more

And to continue to dream, aspire, and persist until the end of time?

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