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Life is unpredictably uncertain. What we are hoping for at this time might not come the next day. Every moment, we are being challenged to wait. Queueing for our turn in bills payment, atm card withdrawals or even lining up in grocery counters. Sometimes it takes all the patience we have in our being, irked by how long the queue is or how slow the process was or even to the point of questioning the competency of the person(s) involved. We complain for being impatient.

“But reality speaking, in one way or another, we are bound to wait.”

Nothing worth having comes easy, cliché as it goes. It is true that we will value the most that one thing we have been praying about, dreaming since time immemorial when it is finally realized. Easier said than done, right? I know.

“But as a believer in Christ, I understand that He has the best intentions and perfect timing. It is never late, but right on time.”

May you continue to press on while waiting. It could be an anticipation for a career growth, a new job, love life, a house and lot, financial breakthrough, thriving business and so forth. Whatever your prayer requests, faith goals or hidden desires are, God knows your heart.

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When the time is right I, the Lord will make it happen – Isaiah 60:22

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