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Once upon a time, there was a lonely princess.

One afternoon she met a fine prince. They became happy together.

One day the fine prince went away for a long time. The princess became lonely again. She tried not to cry. But the more she tried not to, the more her heart grow weak.

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Finally, she gave in. She cried and cried.

One day the prince came back. The princess saw something different from the prince. He is happier, brighter. Her heart jumped for joy. They were happy again together. Then along the way she noticed that the prince is not that happy anymore. There was sadness in his eyes. He tried to hide it but she can sense it. She became sad and tried not to cry. Her heart grew weaker and weaker as days goes by…

She can’t cry while the prince is with her. She doesn’t want him to feel sadder. So she chose to hide the tears that led her heart to break.

Heart: I can’t take it anymore, it’s too much pain. Why don’t you just let it all out?

Princess: If I do that, he’ll get hurt. I don’t want him to bear that pain. I’d rather suffer in silence.

Heart: (beats slowly…) I am very weeaakkkk… I can’t beat anymore…

Princess: Rest now my heart, take your time to heal… I’ll be fine… I’ll come back when you are ready.

So, the princess’ heart stopped beating. And she disappeared.

The prince got sad but after a while, he became happy again. His true joy arrived.

The End.

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