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You are single, you want some to be with. He gave you someone to be with but now you want freedom

When you were young, you want to grow up fast, now that you grew up, you want to be like a child again.

You don’t have money and want work, He gave you work and now you demand time because of work.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

You want to have someone to talk to, you got tired, you ghosted the one He gave you and asks for another one.

All he have was food, He gave you his food and now you demand a drink. someone came by with a drink then you left the guy who gave you food.

You want to go away from home, He allowed you to go away and now you demand home.

This could be the perfect time for us to realize and wake up that we are only living in borrowed life. 

We always take things for granted and always demands for more.

Maybe we should realize that we should start living first before we start dying. We should learn the value of what we have before it turns to dust.

Learn how to appreciate every little things because someday it just might disappear and just be a memory.

Those who we once knew might be gone without a clue.

Learn to Count your blessings before asking for more.

Remember we only live on borrowed time, make every moment worth living and make it perfect.

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