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It’s hard to answer a question when I know you that you will not even believe my response. It’s also harder to explain when I know that you already have a conclusion and closed-mind. Remember, a relationship is also built with understanding. We should know how to understand. Do not limit your understanding just because my perception differs from yours. Do not persuade me when I have different insights. I still have the right to say what I feel, but suppressing me makes me feel that I am not allowed to express myself. Understanding the way I talk, the tone of my voice, the gestures of my hands and my facial expressions would help. We may not have the same way to interpret situations we are in, but I am giving you a hint. You just have to listen to me sincerely. Observe. Be open. You don’t have to be too sensitive just to know what I am going through, just understand and accept that this is me.

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