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There are a lot of things or situations in which we can acquire wisdom. There are our self-experiences and some are taught to us by our elders based on their own encounters, but the place that we do not expect to get wisdom is from solitude.

Solitude is the state of being alone. What does that mean? You isolate yourself from other people, social media, etc. That is when you are in solitude. Wala kang ibang kasama kundi ang iyong sarili.

Paano nga ba makaka-acquire ng wisdom in solitude?

Solitude helps us reflect on our own experiences and problems without the influence of other people. You will have a deeper understanding of yourself. You will know what your strengths and weaknesses really are. It’s like talking to yourself, pinapagalitan, pinupuri at tinuturuan mo yung sarili mo.

You ponder about your past experiences: What could you have done? What are things that you did right, the mistakes that you did, mga bad habits na di mo napapansin before. You’ll have time to talk with God. And from there you’ll learn and unlearn stuff. It’ll also help you address problems that you cannot solve from a noisy world that is, frankly, full of judgement and hatred.

The benefits of being alone is that you can do whatever you want, you can cry, pray, scream and laugh at anything that you want, anything that will help you solve the problems that you are going through.

I’m not saying na i-isolate mo na yung sarili mo sa outside world forever. What I’m saying is have a “me time” kapag sobrang gulo na ng mundo mo, when nothing simply makes sense. Find a place or go somewhere that you’ll know na walang makapangugulo sayo, walang temptations….Just you. 

Solitude does not mean to cut people and relationships out of your life forever. That’s the unhealthy and misconception about solitude….to cut people out. But the reality is, you really need other people especially those that you love and loves you back. Sometimes, you just need to be on your own.

Si Superman nga may Fortress of Solitude eh, where he spends some time for himself and reflect. Note that Superman is one of the strongest superheroes but still, he needs solitude, he gives time for himself, so bakit ikaw hindi? Even the strongest people need some solitude, some silence, a break….a “me time”. Because no one can really help you change and learn but yourself. I really believe na alam talaga natin ang gagawin natin when we face problems wala lang talaga tayong time makapag-iisip at mag-reflect. You cannot solve or reflect on anything if you’re so distracted of many things. So, do yourself a favour and give yourself a break.

Sometimes we think that being alone and being lonely are the same, but it’s not. Being lonely focuses your attention dun sa mga negative stuff that makes you sad while in solitude, you can focus dun sa deeper purpose and understating by giving time to be alone and think, with that there is wisdom.

“Being alone does not mean you have to be lonely.”

Solitude helps us learn and gain wisdom in life by giving time for yourself. And that is very rewarding because the wisdom that you got really came from you. So, Have a break, have a KitKat, Ay solitude pala.