To the Man that God Told Me To Surrender and Let Go


This is not an easy decision for me, for us to stay like normal friends. For us to put up boundaries. For us to not talk so often and spend more time knowing each other.

I’m sorry for breaking your heart. I’m sorry for doing this decision but I want you to understand that I chose what is the best for you, not for myself, but for you: God is telling me to surrender you to Him and let you go. When He told me that I begged to Him not to, that I don’t see any reason to let you go and He did not gave me any reason at all. But that’s what He want. And that’s what I did. Months of pleading to Him, He finally answered me and He told me that I have to let you go because He have to build first His kingdom in you and to fill you more of Him, make you grow, and anchored deeply in faith. I’m not saying that you lack all of this— actually you have this characteristics but God is going to do something great and I’m stuck between this decision: us, that might hinder what He planned for you, or your growth. I don’t want to be selfish, even though I want you so much I have to make one best decision and it is to surrender you to Him and let you go, that I’m not part of this growing season anymore and that I served the time that I should with you.

Man of God, I want you to know that never in my entire life would I want to hurt you and that it pained me to see your reaction when I told you about my decision. But if losing you is the way for you to grow with Him and be more mature in faith and for Him to do completely what He have to accomplish in you, then I chose what’s the best for you even though it hurts me. I chose this decision because this will be His hands working on you and complete you as a Man of God. I hope you understand. I hope that you’ll see why I did this, not because I don’t want you— I like you so much and I cried my eyes out because of this— but because this is what’s the best for you that I would not choose my own selfish desire over what He’s stored and planned for your life. I wish all the best for you. I know He’s going to do something big in your life and I pray that one day you’ll see why I chose to surrender you to Him and let you go. 

I’ll always pray for your future.


Woman of God