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Why do I need to feel belittle?

Is it because I can’t have what I want?
When everybody can do.
He/She make this thing,
He/She earn this stuff,
He/She able to get this on fast,
He/She can say everything, to anyone, to every shit.
Never I have the chance.
Never have the above.
Can you see I’m fucked?
Why do I need to pretend
Looking good, be kind, considerate and damn
caring bullshit.
Why can’t I express this fucking words out of my mouth,
When they always feel me bad, useless and shit
When they made be belittle over things.
When they fool me? Acting they care?
Why I look calm? Why I can’t act like a beast?
Why I feel scared, Why it made feel like a deathbed.
Why can’t I say this goddamn words.
This woman is a bullshit!
This man is freak!
This guy.
You all worst at worst!
Why can’t I?
I want to hate everyone outside.
Stop talking, stop acting, stop this feeling.
They made me worst, I made them god.
How hell it is, you all made me broke.
You all hell out there must feel the worst.
You must be hate, you must feel broken.
All i can do is to eat your words, and curse you, on this infinite space of my selfish mind,
who never help me to burst that sensation and hit the dagger straight to their filthy faces.
They are worst.
I never had a chance to say this to their faces.
Never… and I’m going to live again like before.

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