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‌When I was 5 years old my mother passed away. I was too young to realise what was going on. I did not feel grief at that time due to my young age and inocence. I can say I never really knew her, and I can only remember very few and very limited glimpse of the past when I was with her. Come to think of it even memories are missing due to my young age. It is not easy knowing that someone who loves you dearly feels like a stranger whom you only know more with stories you hear. If only she was with me, a lot of maybes sometimes cross my mind. Maybe this or that won’t happen, and maybe I am different with her by my side. This is how much I miss her. I can’t imagine how worried she was leaving me at a very young age. Every mother dreams of giving the best future to a child, it must be so hard for her to leave me knowing that I still need so much protection and guidance. My Mom whom I really miss is one of the bravest and best mother one can have. I will always cherish her memories. I love you Mom, always.

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