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Add in all the -ed of a pessimistic person.

No matter how hard we say in our Facebook profile, in our online and offline bios that we are an optimistic person and that we always see the positive in everything. We can never omit the smallest chance of thingking something negative and worrying about something.

I believe that I am a happy person. I always smile, laugh and try to entertain the people around me and make them comfortable being around with me.

They, themselves can attest to that.

I have a decent job, with a decent position I myself didn’t think that I can obtain at this young age. I work as Business Development OIC in a growing travel agency.

I enjoy my work, I love my job, I am happy with my workmates and I respect my boss. But certain times in my life that my world stops and makes me become worried about who I am right now and where I am. Brain had been flooded with questions about my life’s status and future. I try to place them in the archives, but it seems like the questions have been flagged as high importance.

Bothering, as it makes me wonder if I am on the right track and if this is really where I want to be. Too anxoius with all life’s issues and dramas that I was really busy on how to waive them from ruining my current situation and mood that I forgot to ask, how is my Spiritual status with God?

I know I am young, young at age, but I can say that I am too eager to achieve all my plans for myself and for my family. I have so much plans going on in my mind and in my journal. Too busy about everything that I forgot to ask for guidance from above as I take my path.

I question myself if, have I done the right thing? Why is it that I don’t get acknowledements every time I finish a work or task? Have I said something wrong or shown an act that made me feel they are talking behind my back? Am I contented? Am I insecure? Do I worry too much?

Don’t worry if you’re a worrier. It could be good for you.

You get to prepare yourself for two possible outcomes- the postive and negative.

I realize that as I worry each day of what my future holds, I make myself grow and eventually edit the drafts I have for my future.

I thank God for making me an empowered women that has been molded by His own plans for my future.

If you’re worried and afraid of where you might actually end up after studying or after your current job, it’s okay, just believe that God is widely free for consultations and prescriptions.

Remember that being negative sometimes, doesn’t make you a less of a person, it actually makes you wiser and a better person.

I would like you to remember this and would like to end this with the verse


“She is clothed in Strength and Dignity , and she Laughs without fear of her future.”-Proverbs31:25″

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