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I used to smile
At everyone
Even when I am by myself

I used to laugh
Quite loudly
Even at the cheesiest joke

I turned thirty
Then I learned
A smile is an invitation

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

It is a way
To welcome
Someone’s unwanted attention

And that laughter
When it’s loud
Does not suit a single woman

It can appear
Vulgar, rude and rather childish

And so my smiles
Receded from my aging face

My laughter too
Has started
To sound with what they call is grace

Married women
With children
They may smile as much as they want

Younger women
May laugh as wildly as they can

I’m neither one
So it feels
Like I have lost a membership

To a fun club
Care-free, bright and fascinating

I used to wonder
Why spinsters look grim
And sound so lifeless

I now think
That I am
Beginning to know why

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