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1.Self -Control

 I want you to know that women are responder not initiator. A true man initiates and you just need to participate. No matter how much you like him, have that self-control in the midst of his silence and coldness.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:


Mysterious people are attractive. So let him be curious about you. If he asks something about you, give him incomplete/indirect/vague answer. Don’t be available and online all the time. These things will make him wonder and the more he wonders the more he will think of you. The less he knows about you the more he will be interested to you.


Humor is sexy. In every conversation you have with him, it should be your goal to make him laugh.You should be creative in your responses.

4.Good Communication Skills

In texting, you can’t hear the tone of voice and you can’t see the facial expression. In this case,make sure you have a conversation that is playful. If he texts you “hi”,don’t just text him “hello.” If he asks “how are you” don’t answer him with “I am good, how about you.” Respond differently and playfully. Don’t follow the usual pattern. And do not make him wait long before you respond. Trust me it’s okay if you reply swiftly. And even if you like him so much, do not ask things like ”kumain kana” or “anong ginagawa mo.” Also don’t tell him “ingat ka.” And it’s not necessary to respond in his “good nights” and “good mornings.” Don’t always agree and argue with him. Use gifs and smileys. Talk to him like you don’t like him that much. 

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