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Don’t be surprised if you will not be noticed right away. He will not see anything extra ordinary this time but don’t lose hope. It might not be evident but he still sees every version of you.

He is going to be very straightforward of what he wants, what he aspires to be, what kind of connection he will be having towards you and what kind of treatment you are most likely to receive from him. Life taught him that undefined connections will definitely waste a lot of his time in the long run.

He will make you feel wanted for some minutes and you will feel being ignored at times. Don’t worry, He has his things going on and He understands that he no longer needs to be talking to you all the time because life taught him that real things don’t work that way.

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He will let you see that you will both preserve your own individual spaces while working on creating connection to each other. Life taught him that it is not ideal to let his priorities revolve around somebody.

You can’t keep his hype through spontaneous acts. Yes it’s fun to get some spontaneity but Life taught him not to be consumed by little sparkles anymore and he is now focused on little gestures that are consistent and with clarity at the same time.

Your amount of attention, neither high nor low will no longer scare or surprise him. Life taught him that he can really be genuinely happy on his own and his happiness doesn’t depend on anyone.

Did it sound like he ain’t gonna be your guy? Or does it excite your soul?

But in spite of this, don’t be discouraged to try. He is really worth the risk. Please know that he might have gone through a lot and all that matters to him right now is no longer someone magical but someone real. He’s no longer after childish acts and will definitely let you grow while you are taking time to learn more of him. He will not going to give you a hard time getting the affection you want because once your personality gives his soul a home ambiance, he will definitely love you like no other.

Let’s stop glorifying gender roles on taking initiatives to create a genuine relationship. Sometimes we also need you girls to take a leap of faith and take the risk like we do. That won’t hurt. Trust me. Life taught us to be okay being alone and we might be okay to live with that but we know it would be nice to have you with us on our journey too. Sometimes we are just openly waiting for someone to come along.

Let’s lessen the count of strangers, shall we?

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