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With the numerous problems in our society, fear creeps in as we lay in our beds, uncertainty looms over us. The saying Let go and let God sounds easier said than done, especially amid the Coronavirus pandemic.


We’re creatures of habit, and we all want to have control over our lives. But the truth is we’re never really in control. Call it fate or destiny, but God is the one who writes our story. Yes, the daily entries of your life being written in a never-ending journal of your life.

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If there is one thing that you can do right now is surrender. Is your mind in chaos? Surrender. Is your heart slowly breaking? Surrender. Don’t know what path you will take? Surrender.


If you feel like drowning in fear and anxiety, hold onto him. Breathe, you are loved, and people who love you will pull you up. You’re not alone in this journey. We’re all in this together, and we’ll conquer mountains with faith and miracles. I know it’s heartbreaking, we want to do something for everyone and our surroundings.


It’s normal for us to feel hopeless or helpless since our human capability limits us. But one thing you can do is lose your fear, doubts, and insecurities. The chaos is the high time for trust to take control. You can kick and scream, cry all you want, or rebel through the pain. But you’re only hurting yourself even more.


Remember that God is greater than the pandemic.  It’s easy to forget when we’re suffering, but rest assured he is continually moving.

He has a purpose despite the numerous pain and suffering around us, to lose yourself to gain Jesus. It’s harder to let go if you keep on holding on to things.


How will you know if you haven’t let go? If it still controls you.

How will you know if God wants you to trust him? Read his promises and words.

Still scared of losing yourself? Take it one day at a time with him.

How losing yourself is beneficial in the chaos? You’ll have everything that you need.


God only wants the best for you, and he will never forsake you no matter how challenging life gets. In the chaos, he is our peace and friend. He loves you that much to let you go.


If losing yourself to God will free you, then why would you say no? When Jesus gave up his life and will to save every bit of you.


It is scary, especially in times like these, but trust your journey. You will find yourself and be the person you’re supposed to be with him. Don’t let chaos consume you; instead, make love, light, and Christ fill you. Not just for yourself but also for a higher purpose of spreading his glory to others who are in need. This is how you’ll find yourself when you lose yourself to God.


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