To the person who broke my heart, yet gives me such a joy that’s never ending. You deserve what God’s best for you.

It’s been 5 months since we last talked. I know it was not a good ending for the both of us, but I just want to say that I’m still thankful because I have met someone like you.

Lots of people will say, “for you to unlove a person you love, you must hate everything about them.”

But for me, you can’t unlove a person you have loved the most.

You have been such a big blessing for me that really gave me a courage to face the world….. alone. When you left, I accepted the fact that the things that happened to us was a blessing in disguise for the two of us to grow and to know our own selves….. more.

Yes it was so painful, yes it was unconscionable, yes it was insurmountable, because the person that showed you the world of paradise and gave you butterflies inside, broke you into pieces where you cannot find a way how to pick all the pieces that had been broken. But even though I have faced all of these, I never stop praying for you.

I think it was really meant for the both of us. It was really meant to be like this. I know from the very start that we have been together and when we decided to have an “us”, God will not be glorified. It was wrong. Our relationship was wrong, but because of the love that we shared together, it worked….. for a while…. and yes, it did not last.

I know how much we tried to work it out, I know how much we keep each other for us to be “together…… always.” And I know how much we tried to last forever, but like what I said earlier from the very start, I know it will not last forever.

It just started with a glimpse of misunderstanding and the dreams that we thought we built on the rock started to turn into a sand that has been swept out by the wind. I lost myself, and so you are.

We’ve been through lots of battles in our relationship, but it did not make us strong. It made us weak. It caused us to depend on each other shoulder, and led us to break each other.

I wrote this not to gain attentions, not for you to give a burden. I wrote this just for you to know that I’m grateful and thankful for letting me know you not in a very shallow phase, but in a very deep identity. Also, Thank you for letting me know myself in a different way that I cannot comprehend.

I wanted you to know that I am so proud of you and I’m happy for what you are right now, and I never stop believing that God will give us a great and perfect timing for us to be together…. again. Not in a way that the world going to see and think, but in a way that God will be glorified.

I never stop praying for you because you deserve the best. You deserve the best man that will lead you closer to God. You deserve what God has been preparing for you that’s why I never stop praying for you.