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Thank you for the wonderful time you’ve shared with me when we were together as couple. I can’t thank you enough for making me happy during those times. I know what we had was something special but not all relationships are meant to last and not all relationships are perfect. Thank you for admitting your faults and your mistakes. Thank you for hurting me because it made me a stronger person. Thank you for taking care of me and giving me the attention that i needed before. Thank you for all the things i’ve learned from you. I hope that i also brought happiness to your life. I never thought that things will end this way but i want you to know that i’ve already forgiven you. And i respect your decision and choices in life. I will still be here for you when you need me, you can always count on me. I hope that you’ll live the life you wanted and i pray that you’ll be able to reach all your dreams in life.


Thank you for the wonderful memories, my love.

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