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To the man who can’t control his appreciation of beauty.

Glancing is okay, but staring is not.

People say it’s natural to glance, but staring isn’t.

Glancing and blatantly looking is different.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Explaining is okay, but denying and being defensive is not okay.

Glancing at some stranger is okay but staring at someone you’ve met a couple of times is not okay.

Staring at other women is okay, but doing it while I’m beside you is not okay.

Appreciating beauty is okay, but being insensitive about it is not okay.

I’m the one beside you, but your eyes are searching for more. Am i not enough?

Making someone feel shitty is not okay, but still after doing it you felt perfectly okay.

Loving someone is great, but making that person feel secured is greater.

Respect someone enough to make a change when they feel uncomfortable with your actions.

You can’t deny what my eyes caught.

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