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Dear Going Away Bestie ‘

– I wish I could say that things would be exactly the same yet I’m afraid it wont be. You’ll be in a big city or nowhere somewhere which somehow I wish to be. 5yrs of friendship with you is a must see scene in my life chapter. I wish to see you soon in a cafeteria in an old building where we used to share laughs and possibilities. Your smart whimpers and my weird topics transcend us to a place nobody knows and not yet discovered. Disagreements and dramas that we used to share and age added with us worries our mind like an invinsible clock time limit. You’ll be leaving me with a sigh and a deep smile of how quick deep conversation moments used to — Two of us in a car seat as we listen to your favorite D.J with 90’s playlist (w/c suddenly became my favorite too), a 15 min coffee break that heats up the moon, or a shared travel stories , experiences and insecurities ponder. I know one day might come and we will cross our paths and check each others lives again, I’m imagining now how interesting and inspiring that deep conversation would be.
Our eyes now both veering into something else, and you’re indeed doing it now, veering towards what meant to be. Chase whatever you wish to chase. And love as much, take a risk and let go of the safety net, sometimes it won’t really keep us safe yet trapped us to our own fears. I’ll let you go with a smile and cry not looking straight face because I dont want you to be sad as you go away, rather I wanna keep that smile stuck in your lips and never die. Until we meet again for a deep conversation. 😢

💖 From your left behind bestie ‘

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