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I met you 2011, Paskuhan sa UST. Both of us aren’t from UST though. I am from San Beda, you were from La Salle but we decided to go to Paskuhan together just because we didn’t want to be the third wheel to our friends.

I never expected that you’d kneel down when Raimund Marasigan started singing Sugod, very unlikely for a confession but yes, I felt kilig.

After that night, we started our own little love story. We became domestic, you were my study buddy, we were happy seeing each other succceed, you were my motivator whenever I felt like giving up on my board exam reviews. A lot of our friends taught we’d end up together, we’ll get married and have kids but how wrong they were.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I went home from a cancelled hospital duty when I saw you on top of another girl, in my apartment, having sex with her.

Right at that moment, my world began crumbling, collapsing. I walked out, I couldn’t stand seeing my boyfriend cheating on me with the most popular girl in campus.

I ran out, but you followed me, I couldn’t face you because if I did I’d embrace you, I’d forgive you, I’d listen to all the dumb excuses you’ll say, that’s how weak I am when it comes to you, but at that moment I didn’t. I continued walking until it occured to me, the love of my life just cheated on me.

When I came back, I told you to leave, to bring all your clothes with you and you did, I’ve never felt so empty until that day.

It’s been six years since we parted ways, I have gotten over you but I still am living with the scars that you left me. I can’t trust anyone anymore, hell; I can’t even fathom to drink green tea lattΓ© until now.

It took me two years to fully move on, thank you for loving me. Goodbye.

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