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I used to admire you because you were always there for me. I am a typical girl who’s tired of games when it comes to love, because maybe I’ve had enough. But when it comes to you, I wanted more. I used to like you, really. It was not just an infatuation, it was real. I felt the sincerity of my feelings for you because I don’t usually fall for someone that easily. I used to care about you. Not because I like you, but because I saw something in you that might actually work with me. I used to treasure you, because you had a special place in my heart. That plain and simple place that made a magical spark every time we talk to each other. I don’t know why, but I suddenly realized that I was ready to fall in love again. But hey, I was wrong.

Suddenly the happy moments about you changed. You turned away. You were far from me. So far that I can’t reach you anymore. Why is that? What happened to us? What happened to you? Without a warning, you were gone like the wind; while I was alone and waiting. Painful roads lead to happy endings. But unfortunately, ours was nothing like that. Maybe I really need to accept the fact that you and I met for a different reason, and that was to teach me a lesson. The investments of love, affection and care were already gone in an instant. I have seen your true colors. You were not the one who could rescue my lonely heart; but instead, you tore it apart. I once thought that it could be you. But to you, I was insignificant. And sadly, I was not enough.

This is me saying goodbye, because you are not worth my time. This is me leaving my thoughts about you, because now I want to think about myself. This is me believing that the best awaits me, because a love that is forced never results to pure joy. I used to care about you, but now I really don’t. You made see my worth. You taught me that I should not fall for someone so fast that I forgot to think twice. You were once my dream, but now you’re just a part of my past mistakes. So now I am ready to let it all go. For real, I am leaving it all behind. Without any doubt and without holding back, I am saying goodbye for the last time.

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