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Welcome to this generation. Welcome to this time where worth is validated through the number of likes, shares and comments on one’s photos, where clothes are the statement of one’s self evaluation, where the brand of the phone someone is carrying is much more important than values and etiquette, where social degree defines your class in the society, where money comes first than families and friends, where relationships are based on online status and dating apps, where love nowadays becomes associated with a great requirement on one’s declaration of financial capacity, freedom and material possessions.

Here, in this generation where depression is normally caused by the peer of pressure and society’s ability to take hold of one’s inner being. This is where people gets so busy on themselves, this is where vainglory comes naturally. This is the generation where sex is just merely as getting a dose of daily exercise, where women fear pregnancy rather than abortion, where men are afraid of responsibilities and commitments more than anything else, where owning luxuries, brands and top-of-the-shelves items defines the number of people in one’s circle, where children are much more comfortable learning through virtual reality than experiences, where social media is a platform of one’s portrayal of perfectionism.

This is the generation where technology is the king, the most powerful, the most knowledgeable of all. This is where most people rely on science rather than the belief and power of faith and prayers, this is where people spend time on browsing and scrolling feeds rather than having time for devotion and reflection. This is where we rely on scientific explanations, causality, paradoxical reasoning and factual observations, this is where people believe in such universal theories rather than believing the ultimate Creator of every living and non-living thing.

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This is the generation where power, fame and influence overrule objectivity and rationality, where the voice of truth is silenced and kept unheard, where genuine people aren’t taken seriously, where efforts and time are unnoticeable and unappreciated, this is where people gets desperate about love forgetting about their worth, and what they truly deserve. This is the generation where people judges the felonious schemes and personalities rather than their own wrongdoings and false findings. This is where people belittle others when they make mistakes instead of correcting them, this is where self-proclaimed intelligent individuals increase in numbers. This is the generation where wrong seems right because it came from the thought of those highly well-opinionated people.

This is that generation. This is where living is made completely complex. This is why trust, respect and integrity are so hard to find these days. This is where decisions are made of ego and less of heart, this is where pride comes first.

Heartbreaking, but this is reality.

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