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To That One Courageous Man,

I’ve walked this life with scars from people I thought trustworthy. I went through multiple stitches, painful anesthesia to surpass all these bittersweet moments in life. Nevertheless, I am here to present you that these scars are proven and tested, healed from the past and today. At this very moment, I walk this journey with full armour, ready to face all the challenges ahead of me- along with my support system. Fearful? Yes, fear of the unknown and future stings, reality! But fear not, God is with us. He is much greater than our fears. I hope, when the day comes, I pray, you’ll be ready too – To accept my whole personality, my whole being, convictions, struggles and even the story of my scars. I hope that this time, you’ll be brave and strong enough to stay and set aside all your fears, in surrendered rather, because I will be with you no matter how scary the tomorrow can be. We will not be ALONE. And if this time, you are decided (which I am in faith you should be), I will stay too. We will walk this journey together in whatever current of the waves may bring us, and allow The One control our story. If Jesus was able to calm the storm and walk through the water, I know He will too in our story – the Author and perfecter of our faith. I know every pain that have caused these scars are worth sharing to you someday. And I hope if waves are too strong, this time, I pray you’ll never give up, never lose hope and you’ll continue to fight for….. me…. for us… someday…


Your courageous woman

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