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The day you’ve arrived I felt an exquisite vibe, I never imagined that it would go this far,

The day that I gazed and stared at your gentle face, who would have thought that it would be the last and first thing I’ll think of every passing day,

The day that I wrote you a poem, I knew it on the phrases and lines that you are the greatest poem ever written on the books.

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The day that I had a glimpse of that vibrant smile on your lips, I never thought of anything that could surpass that cloud nine every time I see that curved line flashing through your cheeks,

The day that I had a chance to stare at your sparkling eyes, I knew it in myself already that the stars and the galaxies are enveloped around that windows of you,

The day that I was able to commune with your soul, I told myself that its vibrance and radiance would be the heat and comfort that my soul would constantly long for,

The day that I knew who you really were, I inscribed it in my soul already that I’ll protect and cherish you no matter what, but..

But those days are just part a memory, a utopia and a fancy dream that happened so fast yet it stayed long enough,

Those were the days of glory and sun, it’s beautiful, fleeting and marvelous but the clouds were so thick that it covered every spectrum and instantly turnes to grey,

Those were the days of fairy tale stories, the script and plot were perfectly written yet the twist in the end is bitter sweet and ended in prose in tragedy,

Those were the days of promises and vows, everything spoken and bestowed would have come to pass but the blades of choice and decisions were to sharp to cut the rope of destiny,

Those were the days of what it seemed perfectly orchestrated symphony, but the strings of quartet and violins snapped and couldn’t bear the notes that are being produced,

Those were the days that will forever remain in my heart, a love story, a prose, a comedy and tragedy; all this contrast made it beautiful.

You were a part of me that will always cease to exist my heart, a part of me that can never be taken and replaced by someone,

I’ll love you always, but not in the same manner the way it used to be; I can be anyone whom you want me to,the one you can call in times of need.

Your happiness is all that matters and I’m glad that you found it back on the arms of the first one who loved you before I do.

You were my greatest coincidence and my astonishing sudden, my prayer and my destiny, but I was never the right one for you,I never am.

You had the love and happiness you deserve right now,take care of it, dont let go of the wheel and make it count. For me, I’ve stayed here long enough, and now it’s time for me to move and find my place too.

I love you and I bid a farewell to those memories,thoughts and feelings that made me stay this long. Be happy,you deserve it more that anyone else…I love you

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