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Love, by itself, is a human right.
Falling in love, is a phenomenon.
Dedication to love, is a commitment.
Choosing what and whom to love, is a decision.
To be loved back, however, is a privilege. 
The reason why so many of us tend to get severely hurt when we felt rejected, unloved, not considered, not chosen, not reciprocated regardless of what friendship or relationship we have (both within marriage or outside of it) and that’s because we keep on expecting people to love us back when the other person has this freedom to choose whom to love and what to love (and with that same freedom as yours.) That’s the double-edged sword of choices and decisions that we all need to accept.
Someone’s not gonna be chosen or considered, or de-prioritized, and it is a fact of life. That’s why self-reliance, self-esteem and knowing your own worth before entering any kind of relationship, be it friendship, platonic or romantic relationship, is important.
Because we cannot be like God who can love limitless and boundless, and we are still humans with only having 24 hours a day to divide our time into and prioritize which or what things we have to focus our love and attention into, and humans have different limits and set conditions for each of us. We shouldn’t expect reciprocation based on the expectations we have on the other person, thing or a cause/idea.
The only best thing we can do at this point is to let other people, especially the newer ones, come to your life anew and let go of the other people who’ll never choose you or considered someone else, exercise their own decision-making freedoms. And it’s okay to outgrow people. Do not expect much unless mutually agreed upon, and ask for guidance, inspiration and the resilience that only the Grand Architect of the Universe can only provide.
Acknowledge the fact that love changes over time, and that life is exponentially bigger than the love of each individual, and time will never wait or take a pause for us.
Move forward.
Trust in the timing of life and the will of the heavens. Choose¬†that privilege to love yourself back everyday, right now. Believe that sooner or later, you’ll get that special privilege to be loved back without question, without any second thought, from you and either from someone or something that’ll choose you everyday.

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