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To the first person who made my heart beat a little faster.

You may not know or maybe you do.

I always had a crush on you since I was three years old. I know I was still a baby patootie, but I guess you never forget that first person.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

We had a very typical story, our parents we’re both in the same group of friends, we would see each other very often, play and just do what kidos do.

Then we grew up – and had our awkward season. I still remember how nerdy you used to look. With your glasses, super tucked in pants and those checkered shirt…. I know I was only ten back then, but gosh, my heart couldn’t stop beating faster for you.

Teenage years were the happiest, you want to know why? That is where my heart stopped beating for you. It stopped because it was beating so fast, it could’nt contain it anymore. It was not a simple crush anymore, I was infatuated.

Even though we live far from each other, we manage to see and grow our friendship thoughout the years.

I thought that was it, it was so beautiful. You even told me once on the phone, once we graduate and we don’t find anyone, “let’s be together.”

I remember how we got so close, that I even slept in your house many times. We had our friends around and it was just pure fun.

I remember how everyone would fall asleep and we would continue jamming our most favorite love songs.

Every time I’d look into your eyes, I thought you saw it too.

Our parents and our closest friend saw it too.

But maybe you didn’t.

Years passed, we both fell in love with other people. I eventually stopped every deep feelings I had for you in order to love him correctly.

No matter what happens, you will always have very special place in my heart.

To my almost,

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