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It took me some courage to write you a letter. I don’t  know you yet and I’m thanking God for still keeping you as a mystery. I’m not sure if I have met you or if we have known each other. If we’ve already been friends, classmates, churchmates or still strangers – that’s for God to work with, not ours anyway. ✌🏻

To my answered prayer, please don’t ever give up on me. Please know that I’m not an ideal girl. This is in contrary to what my mom used to tell me. 😂 Like many of us, I have lot of imperfections and insecurities.

I don’t have a great body figure. I actually feel insecure for having a long oval-shaped face, flat small nose, tummy and arm fats and even bowlegs. Although these physical insecurities don’t make me less of a person, sometimes I wish I was born with a better body. So if I’m feeling insecure of myself, please help me regain my confidence. Remind me that real beauty comes from within.

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Aside from these, I find myself immature in handling things and relationships emotionally. People around me would say that I’m still childish for my age. I’m also naive about many things. I cry easily and sometimes, get mad for petty reasons. These might be reasons why God is keeping me in wait for you. He is preparing me to become emotionally and mentally matured in finally meeting you.

Since then, until now, I’ve been so talkative. If you’re a discreet and silent person, you may find me annoying. Please understand me when I talk too much. Being talkative is really one of my known characteristics since I was a child but believe me, I’m trying to improve myself – I’m learning to speak more modestly. Please don’t also get irritated if I rant. This means that I trust you enough so I open up to you. Be my best listener. Please make me feel that you’re excited to hear my stories and that I could always depend on you.

Moreover, I’m an overthinker. There are some days that I become so sad seeing how things are falling apart in front of me. I feel hopeless for the things I should have done but I didn’t. I also pity myself for doing my best that apparently wasn’t good enough. Whenever I overthink things, please stay by my side. Please let me see the beauty in all negative situations. Be my light when all I can see is darkness.

Be not only my lover but my best friend and brother. I’ve been dreaming of someone whom I could fully trust and rely on. Someone who sees my worst and most unlovable self but still accepts and loves me wholeheartedly. Someone who would not tolerate my mistakes but could still bring out the best in me.

Most importantly, please be my number one companion in worshiping our God. Someone who would continuously perform his church duties in spite of problems and busy schedules. Someone who would advise me to pray when I’m losing hope and would remind me how important our divine election was. Someone who’s humble enough. Someone who would draw me closer to God because serving Him is his top priority.

I firmly believe (as for most of us too) that if someone is a gift from Above, he may not be perfect like what fairytales say he does, but he would surely make every moment perfect for the both of you. There’s no RIGHT ONE but we could be right for the one who truly loves us and we truly love.♥️

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