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Today is July, 2019. 12 midnight I’m writing this for my future wife.
Let’s meet at New york, at jean georges restaurant. I’ll be sitting behind the close doors,
I’m waiting. Hopefully you will like my fashion and clothing, The size of my feet, And the scent of my body.
Dreaming that you’ll be wearing a red dress, asking me for a seat. I hope that we can have a beautiful hello, and laughing smiles while drinking an 1896 wine. And after awhile, you would start singing and ask me to clap my hands.And I’ll clap my feet instead because we’re both holding hands. I hope that you will like my crunchy voice when I speak and amaze with my angel voice when I sing. I hope that you’ll believe at my flowery words, and start reading my poem. I don’t know How or when can I meet you, but I can wait a lifetime on you, if your love is forever and true. I’m gathering all my poems and composed song, for someday you will be amaze, because you are my dream eversince. But let me hide only one secret, even I’m so true to you and can’t hide anything, but please. Let me hide only one thing, even you will cry, begging me to tell you. but hope you understand, because this day I died. But please find me, my future wife. You’re the only reason that I can revive.

Wait a lifetime on love if it is forever and true—

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