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Dear future wife,

          Im 24 years old now, it’s been many years since I prayed for you and this time I’m still praying and waiting for perfect time that God will lead us. In the past year God allow my heart to break. I’m waiting that God will destined us. I hope your doing good, having a happy life and abundant life. I pray that even in your singleness your not lonely.  If times come we will meet each other and be together that time I’m already healed. I pray that you continue to seek and worship God. Seek his presence and I pray also that you’ve prayed for me. If times we both inlove each other. I want to say that I have many insecurities and flaws. I don’t have a good skin, clear faces and amazing body but one thing I can offer you is to be a real man. To love you, to become loyal and faithful husband in God’s eye and you. I’m writing this that one day you will read this and have a smile on your face. I will continue to be patience. Lets continue to seek God first. I pray that God will give the desire of your heart. Everynight this is my prayer. That God give me a loyal, faithful, worshipper and hardworking woman. Many things I want to say or write how much I prayed for you. I know God mold us to become better person. I know we both chasing our dreams for now. All I can say is when God meet us. I will love you, give value, loyal and honest also in you. I may not the perfect man for you, I have many lapses but I pray that God change me to a better person. To you my future wife, don’t feel lonely, take care of yourself, give time yourself to heal, don’t be hard in yourself. I know your an amazing woman physically and spiritually. I pray that God will bless us. I love you future wife. Let us continue to grow so that we can be prepared. Here I am waiting for you. I LOVE YOU

                                          Your future husband,

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