To my greatest “what if”


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It had been years ago since I made that decision that changed my life. I had been this broken little girl trying to find comfort after losing everything and you were the glint of hope that kept me sane. I had prayed for the right person and had been so strong with my conviction of not being in a relationship that, even when my prayers had been pointing to you, I ignored them altogether. Yet I chose to make a decision and ended up hurting you. Despite all this, you stayed. Even though it hurt. Even though you could have left my life forever. You stayed even if I didn’t choose you.

I thought I would be happy. At least I was for a year or so. Until I realized the fault in my choice. I found that what we thought was the right choice was not what He wanted for us. That began every “what if” that I had. What if I took my time to heal? What if I waited longer? What if I got to know you better instead of choosing something that had been so familiar to me? What if I prayed more? What if I followed where my prayers were leading? What if I had chosen you?

My “what ifs” kept bothering me even until I made another choice that changed my life again. My “what ifs” keep bothering me even until now. But then I believe that everything happens for a reason. I realized that the choice I made back then was His way of protecting you from being hurt and tending to a very broken girl. It was His way of protecting you from being as broken as I had been then. It was His way of allowing us to know each other better as friends. If I had chosen you then, we wouldn’t have shared this deep friendship that we have now.

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So thank you, my greatest “what if,” for staying even when you could have left. Thank you, for choosing to be my friend even when it hurt. And I know, that if it is His will, every question that we both had, every “what if,” will be an answered prayer.

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