Please take your time doing all the things that you love.

Please take your time loving yourself first and doing whats best for you. Please take your time enjoying things that only single persons could do. Because, the same as you, I’m trying to find myself too. 🙂 I will enjoy every moment of not being in a relationship not because I wanted to but because when that time comes that fate will choose to entwine our roads, and you and me starts to feel that magical feeling of love again, I’ll make sure to it that you’ll be the last one. And from that every moment, every actions that I’ll do will be based on me and you. We’ll be a team, buddy, bestfriends and family.

So take your time, find yourself, live your ideals. We don’t have to rush it. We just have to make sure that when we meet and look each other eye to eye, we can see each others soul and future, together. 🙂

Much Love,
Sha ♥