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We always look for love. Love from family, relatives, friends and even from a special someone.

The love that we know will complete us. The love that will make us happy. The love that will make us stronger. The love that will inspire us. The love that will make us secured.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I had that, I’ve seen that, and I’ve been through that. I gave all of me to the person I thought who will be my happy ever after. The one who I constantly love even from afar. The one who made me the happiest. The one that I shared my dreams and hopes. The one that I always long for. The one that made me strong and brave to face everything. The one who became the reason why I found myself crying to sleep. The one who became the reason why I lose hope in everything. The one who broke my heart 💔

Each day, I always ask myself “Am I not good enough?”, “What if I still have him?”, “What’s wrong with me?”, “Do I deserve this?” and many more. Many questions that bother and made me overthink. Leaving myself into pieces.

But what can I do? I tried to fight for him and love him even if he loves someone new. But what I’ve learned is that, I have made a mistake. A mistake that made me this way. A mistake that pained me so bad. A mistake that haunts me.

This mistake was, I stopped loving myself when I started loving him. I gave everything for his happiness even when I am already consumed. I gave my time even I was depleting. I gave up my dreams to build our dreams. I gave up myself to make him whole.

Maybe some would say, I deserve this and some would say otherwise. But I love him yesterday, today and tomorrow. I don’t feel bad anymore of what had happened. Because I learned that if we need to be loved, we need to love ourselves first. I need to love myself, accept my weaknesses and strengths.

I need to love myself during the process even if it really hurts.
I need to love myself to be whole again.
I need to love myself to be happy again.
I need to love myself to continue my dreams.
I need to love myself for people who truly loves me.
I need to love myself for my own purpose.

And I need to love myself because I have a greater Lord who gives me strength and do all things with His glory and love.

So ladies out there, single or taken, before we can love someone true, we need to love God and ourselves first. Seek him and let breakthrough happen in your life.


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