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I confronted you about my pain and I never invalidated your heartache as well/ if I go through something, I knew that you too have your own dark alleys to surpass with a brave heart. I was completely trying to find for a shred of sunlight to pass through the cracks of our ‘should’ve-been’s’ and ‘if-onlys’. Perhaps, I waited long enough to find the right one and you became that someone who looks exactly how I envisioned it to be.

But I understand how hard it is to be yourself especially when we are all looking for validation and hope that we are all embraced despite our vulnerability or thorns. And I knew it was so difficult to pretend to be the person you’re not.

It was a good decision to seek healing and to chase the journey towards knowing yourself better. You could never wait for the world to love you unless you know and love yourself enough. It was a good decision to actually hold on tight to the recovery program because it helped you paved the way. It helped you shove aside the depression that isolated you for so long. It took you so many months but you have seen another purpose to seek new adventures that would encourage peace of mind.

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I am happy for you knowing you’re finally better and that you’re now slowly healing from the cuts of the past and some of those that you inflicted yourself.


It’s time to apologize for yourself and forgive yourself for your own lapses. Forgive yourself before reaching out to me because that’s the easiest way to work things out.

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