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Hey, can I just be honest with you Sweetheart? Lately, I noticed your smile is becoming often, especially at late night. Hugging your pillow so tight, with that giggle you’re trying to control. Then there’s this gleaming chatbox. Oh no! Someone is stirring up your emotions.

But love, after those sweet nights, what’s next? Are you ready for this?

Before you daydream on that moment when you can finally say, “I DO”, can we please talk about the value of your every YES and I LOVE YOU TOO?”

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Oh yeah! He’s good in sending you those sugar coated words like candies. Sweet! Why? Perhaps he thinks that you’re still a cute little child with sweet tooth? Or maybe you are. Still out of the season. Not prepared to enter a relationship, yet, you’re entertaining all these small talks and cheap words.

He offered to help you carry those heavy things. He moved forward so he can lead you across the street. He offered you his seat. Such a caring and gentle guy! So there you are, while heading home, you already imagined all the what ifs. You started to assume and interpret his actions according to your feelings. Hey deary, I know he made you feel special, but I’m sorry to break this to you, you’re not the only one. He is really gentle and caring to every girls. Before you have those false hopes, have you tried to observe? Do not assume, unless otherwise stated. Always carry that principle in your heart.

You deserve to be loved wholeheartedly.

Do not come unprepared. Know your worth first. Let Jesus loves you first. Unless you are fully secured in His, no love will ever satisfy you. Sweetheart, you are already complete in Christ. Pursue your intimacy with Him first, let Him mold you to the woman He wants you to be. In this world full of waiting for “The One”, be that someone who can confidently say, “The Lord has prepared me to be your “only one”. First things first Deary!

Do not go for those sweet words he sends to you like a bait without being clear. If he loves you and he is prepared, he can and will lay down his purest intention. He doesn’t have to test you. Don’t go for a guy who is good in testing the water. You are too beautiful to be confused.

Do not go for short terms. Love, you deserve someone who is mightily prepared and committed to bring you to His altar. Someone who has a plan to build a home with you.

Do not go for a boy. Be with someone who will man up and lead you closer to Christ. Someone who can provide and bring food in the table. Someone who will not always say yes to you, yet will understand the complexity of a woman and will love you still. Don’t be a baby sitter. Wait for your Partner in Christ.

Do not go for someone who doesn’t bring growth. Choose someone who will always lay down the truth but will teach you the balance and the beauty of grace. Someone who will challenge you and encourage you to be the best version of who God wants you to be.

Do not let yourself be unguarded. Love, the best help you can give to yourself is to be sorrounded by the right people. Those who loves you too much that they can be brutally honest in front of you just because you are making a foolish action. People who make the word of God as their source for every decision. People who have godly standards.

Do not say YES yet, if the intention of your heart is about receiving more than about giving, do not say I love you too yet. Don’t let a beautiful love story be ruined by immaturities.

Don’t go for someone who says he loves you the most. You are good for a second position, sweetheart. Be with someone who loves God the most and serve Him the best. Trust me, he will know how to love you better.

You deserve to be loved wholehertedly.

Deary, the King didn’t die just for His Princess to be left crying at night with a broken heart.

Know your worth.

You are loved wholeheartedly.

Let Him love you first.

Don’t let your decision today, ruin the beautiful forever that awaits you.

And someday, you’ll be able to say, “Yes, I love you too, because this love is faithful and committed, according to His will and purpose.”

I have waited for this love.♥

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