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Do you believe that everyone deserves a second chance in love?
Well, for me, yes, but not a second chance as lovers.
At, some point in time, we will meet someone who will go to drive us crazy in love.
Someone, who will make us believe that happy ever after really exists.
The feelings that you had were so true that no one set you apart.
When you are in each other’s arms, everything seems complete.
You have tried to conquer all together the challenges and difficulties in your relationship.
Without knowing that, you might not end up together.
Fate has its own decision when it comes to someone who is deeply in love.
They tend to be so in love with each other
…that they think the world only evolved around them.
Everything seems perfect when you are together,
…That it is pure serendipity that someone introduces you to me.
You have thought that you will build your future together.
But it is completely wrong.
…That you will serve just a learning experience for each other.
That fate just plays a trick on you.
Meeting and having you in my life were a pleasure and honor.
I may be far and distant from you.
But my heart still longs for you.
If fate will give me a chance to choose whom to love,
I will still choose you.
Even we will not have a happy ever after.
My heart is still searching for your presence.
My heart still pounded for you.
We might not be each other’s destiny.
We might not be meant for each other.
Maybe afterlife we can be together again.
I am hoping that you will find happiness.
You deserve to someone you wish to spend your lifetime with.
Here is a beautiful goodbye to the man I dearly love.
Someday, if we cross each other’s paths again,
I opted that I could see in your eyes,
…that I have made the right decision to let you go,
That someday I can talk to you.
Thanks, for all the beautiful memories.
Thanks, for the unending love that you have shared.
Thanks for all the laughter

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