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She had her pains from the past that she does not want to go all over again with a different man. Things have molded her to be an independent woman she is today. All the disappointments she had made her stronger. She is tired of getting unrequited love from people around her. Her ears are done listening to everyone’s burden while her own is being neglected. She had her hopes high in every man she was interested in and entertained, but ended up getting tired of her and not trying to understand her. She has been in and out of her own prison cell inside her heart hiding herself in the world who does not want to go beyond extra miles for her. She is sick of being someone who would always lead people on the right path and tell them to do what is right, but no one stands to rebuke her or help her out in making decisions. She is a woman that does not want to confront what is wrong anymore, instead slam the door and walk away. She is too scared to hear someone’s defense and fall for it again, then gets the same pain once more. Cycle she gets she could not stand anymore.

If you get to see her and start to like her, please don’t love her yet. Don’t love her until you finally get to see her at her worst moment of her life because she does not want you to only like her when she is at her best. She wants you to like all of her including her scars and bruises. Don’t love her yet until you hear her howl because of how sensitive her feelings may get. Make sure to witness how her heart is opened and reveal the depth of her soul to you. Don’t love her yet until you can’t see yourself staying with her till the end of time because when she starts to give you her hour, she also starts to imagine her future with you. She frequently left alone in her future imagination when at first she had you there. Don’t love her yet until you know where you are going and have goals for the both of you. She wants to be part of your future and she wants to be in your goal as well. Make your goals with her and do it together with her because she wants to be involved in your life as much as possible. Don’t love her yet until you see her as the mother of your future kids. She wants you to be the father of her kids and she wants the same for you. She is a woman with a heart for children. She always wanted to be a mother that would fulfill her essence of being a woman and do the duty vested in her by God the Father to multiply and fill the Earth. Make sure to see her carry a child and discern if she is the woman you want to nourish and take care of your kids. Don’t love her yet until you asked God for her. She believes in her heart that she is God’s precious daughter. Therefore she wants you to ask for God’s permission first before hers. She wants you to respect and love her Savior more than herself. She wants you to be rooted in God’s love because her love will never be enough to sustain you and the relationship you both have. The tendencies of her hurting and disappointing you will always be there sneaking to devour.

When you love her, please love her with the love of Christ. Respect her just as much as you respect your own mother. Have fun with her like you had with your sister. Cherish her like she is the most beautiful woman you have ever seen though we know there will always be someone better to her but no matter what, you’ll fix your eyes, heart, mind and soul to her. When you confess your love to her, please know that she will have expectations from you and if you can’t handle it take it back as early as you can. When you love her, please be sure it is gonna be just her.

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