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To you whom I have yet to meet,

It will be difficult for me to let you in my life because I’m used to being alone. I’ve already learned how to be okay with it and, on some days, I even take pride in it. The thing is that I’ve never been on the receiving end, so I might not easily recognize you and your efforts to break the wall I’ve built so hard all these years. As early as now, I want to say I’m sorry because I’d probably give you a hard time even without meaning it.

Books, poems, music, and movies gave me glimpses of how romantic relationships work. People around me, like my parents and my friends, have been great examples too. But so far, I’ve only been a mere spectator. They say it’s all fun and good, but sometimes sad or mad, then it’ll be filled with rainbows and butterflies again, until someone farts… but they tell me I’ll get used to it too because that’s what true love is, accepting both the beautiful and the ugly un-Instagrammable parts. I guess what I’m trying to say here is please be patient with me—in the beginning and through it all—because our story is probably not going to be perfect. The good news is that it’s up to us to make it all worth it. So let’s do our best, apart for now and together when we already can, so that one day in the distant future, we can sit side by side on the couch in our living room, holding hands and watching TV, with our hair turning gray but our eyes still twinkling so bright like it was the first time we’ve realized that it’s love and that, finally, it’s not unrequited.

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