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“But who am I,and who are my people that we should be able to give as generously as this? Everything comes from you, and we have given you only what comes from your hand.”
(1 Chronicles 29:14)

Many people ask how a person can love someone who hurts them, who can still embrace them even at the worst part of them, who can still forgive even they were hurt for so many times. Do you know how? Because when God came to us, he taught us how to love truly and deeply, without looking on what they’ve done to us, without looking on how much the pain that they’ve done to us or may cause to us. We see them as God sees them. Love that doesn’t expect in return but still loves you for who you are. Love covers every scars, pain and multitude of sins. When God loves you, He doesn’t care what you’ve done before, but He cares on what can you become.

Mahirap mahalin yung tao, kung tao sa tao lang. That’s why God came, for you to loved them even at their weakness. Through the love that you gave, you let God’s love shine sa buhay mo. Maaring di man nakikita ng ibang tao, pero hayaan mo nakikita ng Lord kung pano mo mahalin yung mga tao niya. God loves each one of us, kasi mahal niya tayo walang pero,walang kasi, walang kung. We are all undeserving to His love, if we look to ourselves, but because of His unending love He made us feel that even at our worst part of us, there is a God who loves us unconditionally.

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Mahal ka ng Lord kahit nasa anong sitwasyon ka pa ngayon, remind yourself everyday, every moment na di ka nag-iisa. Na di ka lumalaban at naglalakad ng mag-isa. Don’t doubt about yourself. Maaring natatakot ka na magtiwala kasi nasaktan ka na dati, but let God fill you. Fill you with His love and joy. Let yourself be found to His love.

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