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I can still remember the day we first met. It feels like we’ve known each other for so long. Those laughs, talks and looks that made me feel like I dont know sadness at all. In short, you never made me feel alone. You show me how beautiful life is despite the reality of how bitter it was. But I need to stop. We need to stop this foolishnessness that consumes me little by little.
We can never be together. I don’t love you and you cannot love me. The thoughts of this happiness is just a band aid solution to this melancholy that were both going through. I stopped talking to you and live my life like I never met you. But this irksome feeling of guilt haunts me. I felt guilty for letting myself ruined your life. You’ve been broken in the past and now I left you hanging leaving you false hopes. I’m sorry but this is the right thing to do. Its hurts me in silence but I have to keep distant.
I will always treasure what we had and accept what we can never have. Thank you.
Thank you for being the right one at the wrong time.



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