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It’s been months since we had a connection like we knew each other for so long. We’ve been very close that time, we shared each others’ experiences and what happened on that particular day.. And that was everyday? I mean every night. I treated you as my younger sibling. And then unfortunately i was starting to like you. I wasn’t expecting this, i wasn’t expecting that you will be the one who appreciates me and love me more than you love your elders, you treated me like I was part of your family, I was fluttered and felt those butterflies again in my stomach. It wasn’t right to feel this way. I tried to prevent this but just like the song “I can’t stop this feeling anymore”. I tried to ignore you so many times but this feeling is getting stronger. I confessed and said i love you and wanted to express it in a way that we don’t have to ruin our friendship, i took the risk. “Hanggang kaibigan lang talaga sorry” you said. I was expecting those words to came and you were hoping that there will be no changes after that confession. Apparently, you were building walls and i couldn’t even talk to you and treated you like I’ve been doing before. Everytime i tried to win our friendship back, it feels wrong, palayo ka ng palayo, sumuko na ko. I was ready to treat you like you’re nothing, parang hangin na lang. And then you sent me a private message stating that you miss the old days.. Our old days. I appreciate those words and your effort in reaching me out that time. I’m still waiting for that day to come. I’m still waiting for this feelings that i have for you to fade. I’m still waiting for our friendship. I’m still inlove with you and i hate it. I hate it cause i can’t have you. I will never have you. I miss you so much.

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