Would you choose a fine man

who looks boring and dreamless,

over someone who makes your heart skip,

and takes you on adventures?


Would you choose someone

who doesn’t make your heart leap,

but puts it at rest?

He calms the restlessness.


Would you choose someone

who soars with you up high,

over someone who just sits,

and looks up at the stars at night?

Someone who dreams,

or someone who makes dreams come true?


You look at them:

One promises the skies,

and another simply smiles.

One makes your heart yearn;

the other gets your heart to trust.


You see them:

One loves with words,

another gazes at you with tender eyes.

With one, you feel ecstatic, like it’s fantasy.

With another, it’s a prosaic reality.

But with one, you feel unsure,

and with another, you rest secured.


Would you choose to be happy yet uncertain,

or would you want to be certain to be happy?


Would you be happy with your choice?