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You have all the right to do this. All the reason to push me away but i am here to stay. When i decided to tell you how i feel, a part of me knew that it would not be received the way i want it too but i still did it because i don’t want to tell you i like you only because you felt the same. To tell you the truth, hindi ako matapang to do this but the fear i feel can no longer resist the pain of not allowing myself to express it to you. Darating ung panahon that you will meet someone who would sweep your feet off pero hindi ako papayag na hindi man magtry habang hindi mo pa siya nakikita. For me, staying here isn’t foolishness at all. It’s called fighting for what i feel about you. Don’t mind me in the process, after all nandito ko para magbigay hindi para manlimos. If time comes that what i am trying to offer is already enough, then it would be a happy ending to me but if it’s not. I just want you to know that hindi nasayang lahat ng ginawa ko, kasi para sakin. Deserve mo matanggap ang lahat ng ito kahit na hindi ako ang prefer mo. So go on push me away, but i am here to stay.

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