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It’s been quite some time now
I’ve gauged this enough somehow
That wherever I get myself to
I’d come back looking for you

It’s not that instant as it should be
Because I’d be confirming it to see
How it’ll turn out over time
Seems like what I’ve felt’s just fine

I tried the very best I could
Even brought different kinds of food
Yet you can’t be easily swayed by that
Gotta put on everything i got

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

You say you don’t want to bargain
Coz the pain will repeat again
But why did you allow me to
Make my move on you?

Your mind is somewhat confused
Of what you don’t want and what is obvious
You try to put up affection in minute quantities
Still they’ve driven me towards insanity

But even if that’s how you want it to
Contradictory to what you say than do
I’d respect it and leave it to your mind
Hoping one day you’ll be able to come and find

There may be hope, there may be none
Surely moments i had with you are cherished – every one
Through highs and lows I’d be there for you
Dont hold back when you talk to me too

But it’s okay, I’ll be fine somehow
It’s not a sacrifice for reciprocity anyhow
I’ll just live my time with you and let it be
Even if you’re the girl who’ll never love me

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