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Thank you for not choosing me.

After you left, I get to know myself better and value myself more as a woman that should not beg for someone’s love and attention. You are one of my greatest lesson, what we had taught me that I should not depend my happiness on someone else, it should start within me beacause we can’t give something we do not have in the first place. I get the chance to retrieve my confidence because I feel like I lost myself in the process, and now I learn how to love myself and protect my peace.

I can’t say that I am now totally healed, I’m still treating the wounds caused not by you anymore but by myself. And I am happy spending my time getting to know myself better and discovering something amazing about myself  So when the time comes when I get the chance to meet someone again I’ll be a different person, wiser and braver this time because I already know what I bring to the table.

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