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There are different kinds of waiting games.

Waiting to be noticed.

Waiting to be liked.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Waiting to be loved back.

Waiting to be healed.

Waiting for the “Right One”.

But just like all things in life, waiting games also have to end. So when should you say you had enough?

Time to stop when you know you have given your all. 

You were there when she needs someone; a helping hand, a friend to laugh with, a shoulder to cry on. You were there to offer what others wouldn’t do for her. 

You were there when he was all but a mess. You held him up when he had nothing but you. You gave him explanations of how life would be better if he’d try wiser and harder. You gave him reasons to stand up and try another shot in life and love. And you tried and hoped to be that reason.

You were there trying to pick up the pieces that person once said they all ever wanted and loved. You cried nights and nights when everybody else is sleeping. Trying to figure out why it all ended despite all you have given and all you have done, your mind is lost between why’s and how’s. Then your alarm rings to wake you up the next day trying to look like everything is all but okay.

You were there. Trying. To be the one. To be given a chance. To be happy. To be that someone whom they would consider as ‘enough’.

But hush… look into your heart and see that you are a warrior, both in mind, heart and body. You have fought a war that tested your principles in life and love. You have wielded your sword and protected the person you love. A fallen one, you might be. Fallen. Wounded with words. Blinded by trickeries. Stabbed by the truth that not all wars can be won. 

So what now? Now that you have realised these all?

Accept defeat. Retreat while you still have your life to save.

They always say that acceptance is the key to success. Accept that you have lost a fight but not the entire battle. Close that door and throw away the key. Prevent yourself from re-entering the war you knew you can never win. Instead, prepare yourself.

Create a stronger, wiser, happier person out of the old YOU who have been abused, wounded and fallen. Enjoy the journey as you venture into new possibilities of being happy and contented on your road to becoming that ‘ONE’ whom the right one would definitely fight for.

When you feel that you are already that ONE, you’ll never have to grow tired of waiting because every moment is something you look forward to, not in agony, loneliness, isolation nor doubt, but in excitement to a genuinely happy relationships. Keep calm. God knows the most you deserve only the best. ❤️

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