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You are the most beautiful thing that will happen to my life. Being with you is my long time prayer. You are the words in my poems, the unending sound in my music. You are not perfect but you are the daughter of our perfect God, knowing this, it makes fall in love with you more and more.and always put in your mind that You are not just someone, you are my only one.

Loving a person in my prayer is one of the best decision in my life. Loving you everyday is my every hour choice. You are the person who is not always right but you make my life bright. You are a gift from above, a gift that I waited, the gift that i will treasure for the rest of my life. You are the best gift. I am willing to sacrifice everything just to protect you.

Waiting is the process I am enjoying because of you. That someday, somehow, somewhere our path will meet their way. And on that day I will make sure that I will pursue you. I will court you in every minute of our day. Those days will be the start of our beautiful journey together.
To the person I will love i want you to know that You are worth the wait.

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