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I’ am the moon and the sun is You,
And i can’t shine without You.
For I’ am a Lightning without a thunder,
I’ am Da Vinci without Mona Lisa.
I’ am a pencil without a lead, POINTLESS!
For Your presence make my day fully dark like night,
And my night shine like day.
What can make me fully whole?
But Your smile.
Wilderness will be beautiful beside You.
This world is worth to give up, just to see a glimpse of Your dazzling eyes.
Without You
I will forget how to breathe,
I’ am a Queen less bee,
Adam without Eve.
For You are like the most of my blood
And without You,
My heart won’t beat.
The Sun will shine even if the moon didn’t exist.
A thunder will be there even if there is no lightning
A lead can still write, but a pencil without it makes just a wood.
You can go on without me.
But i can’t without You

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