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Look at yourself.

You doubt your ability.

Your capabilities 

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Just because they say that you’re unadmirable?

You will never know who is looking at you.

There is someone out there who admires you from afar.

Inspired by your courage

Because of your sincerity

You are not weird.

Society is.

Look around; notice how people are busy.

What they say is not who you are.

But what you believe in yourself is important.

You’re priceless

You’re gold too.

You are hard to find.

Only those who dig deep can see the beauty you hold.

So, keep going.

Don’t look around and question yourself.

There are advantages to being different.

You may feel lonely, but you are not alone.

The people who stay and make everything bearable

They are your people.

Your worth is not based on their criticisms.

You can be more.

So, keep going.

You are getting there!

I’m just here, sitting.

I admire you enormously.

To you, whom I most admired. I see you struggling because you feel like you’re not appreciated and are inferior to others. I hope you overcome that. I hope you see the light you give to me and to the people around you. I will pray for your healing, conquering, and breakthrough. You deserve so much, and you matter. Thank you for existing. 

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